BRUMproclass with Channing Tatum

Thursday Morning ProClass with Channing Tatum

This class will work with open scores, logic games and gentle improvisational tastes to invite a collective moving/thinking/questioning/doubting/pleasure-seeking. Bring comfy clothes, wit, tiredness, cynicism, an earnest belief in dancing, a hunger for collective solitude, and any anxieties that the phrase ‘dance class’ might induce. 

Channing Tatum is the collaboration of Rohanne Udall (b.1990) and Paul Hughes (b.1991). Trained in Fien art, philosophy, and dance, they undertake artistic, performance and curatorial projects. Their work is produced within and presented across stages, galleries, studios, universities and digital spaces. They are currently preoccupied with: emotion, gesture, hosting, idiocy, in/sincerity, institutions, logics, materiality, peers, undercutting and smirking.

Enjoy your regular #BRUMproclass
10:00 – 11:30AM

Birmingham Pro Class 

We are very excited to present Birmingham Professional Class. The scheme is a non-profit initiative in which local dance artists, companies and organisations collectively aim to provide, sustain and contribute to Professional Class in the City. Classes are open to pro-dancers, recent graduates and those in training. 100% of your membership fee goes directly back into funding the programme.

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Delivered and supported by: DanceXchange, ACE dance and music, Birmingham Dance Network, Autin Dance Theatre and Rosie Kay Dance Company