BRUMproclass with Oliver Robert Russell

Tuesday Morning ProClass with Oliver Robert Russell

Oliver’s class will explore the concept of power, speed and fluidity. The class will begin with an improv lead warm up, followed by floorwork and transition into more technical work. The class will combine Shaolin drills with traditional dance training, and will explore the relationship between the two.

Oliver graduated from London Contemporary Dance School, after completion he adventured out to China and studied Kung Fu under the instruction of Shaolin Warriors. Upon his return, Oliver secured a role within Rosie Kay Dance Company and continued to dance with the company for several years. Oliver has also worked for Room2Maneouvre, JustUs Dance Theatre, Polly Hudson, LBS Films and more recently, Mercurial Arts.

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10:00 – 11:30AM

Birmingham Pro Class 

We are very excited to present Birmingham Professional Class. The scheme is a non-profit initiative in which local dance artists, companies and organisations collectively aim to provide, sustain and contribute to Professional Class in the City. Classes are open to pro-dancers, recent graduates and those in training. 100% of your membership fee goes directly back into funding the programme.

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Delivered and supported by: DanceXchange, ACE dance and music, Birmingham Dance Network, Autin Dance Theatre and Rosie Kay Dance Company