‘a pop-up studio to get you through’

BDN, with the support of Dance Hub Birmingham, have transformed part of our office into a pop-up dance studio to help you get out of your living rooms and into a space where you can dance, train, move and groove.


**UPDATE JUNE 2021: The BDN studio is up and running again. The Space is available to professional dancers who want to rehearse, to train or to film work. Please carry on reading for booking information – revised criteria are in bold.**

Options are still limited for dancers needing space right now and BDN recognise that having the possibility to hire a space in which to dance, plan classes, train or flex your creative muscles is important for maintaining your practice, your body and your mental health. BDN have therefore got together with Dance Hub Birmingham to create a temporary dance studio for the use of dance artists in the region. We have installed Dance Hub Birmingham’s sprung Harlequin floor in our office and are offering the space to local dance artists. What You Need To Know:
  • The Space is offered for free, or for £100 per day if you have funding for space. If you do not have funding but are able to make a donation towards your free use of the Space, please consider doing so.
  • Bookings can be for a minimum of one and a maximum of three (preferably consecutive) days in any one week. A single day booking is 6hrs
  • Bookings are available between 10am and 9pm, Monday to Sunday*
  • Bookings can be made up until 31 July
  • This is for local professional dance artists for rehearsals/ training/ filming. The Space cannot be used for in-person teaching
  • The Space is offered to individuals or to small groups
  • Artists will need to sign an agreement document before entering the Space. This will detail the measures put in place and contain guidance for you to consider
  • At least one member of the BDN team will be in the office during bookings, to allow access for users
  • BDN will thoroughly clean the Space before and after each booking, and users will be provided with cleaning materials to use through the day
  • A health and safety risk assessment has been produced to ensure that the use of the Space is in line with current government guidelines
  • All social distancing measures in place must be observed by studio users and the BDN team
  • The Space is accessible to wheelchair users
  • This Space is pop up and therefore comes with some interesting features! Windows do not open, and although there is a fan, ventilation is limited. There are no mirrors. The dimensions of the space are around 5m by 5.2m. Temporary screens divide the office and studio space. This means that if someone from BDN is using the office, you may not feel alone.  There is a bluetooth speaker available, with lead.
* Maximum 6 hrs per day. i.e. you could book the studio 3pm-9pm but not 10am-9pm How To Book:
  • Email BDN at megan@birminghamdancenetwork.co.uk with your name, details of any additional users, and requested number of days with entry and exit times and dates
  • Space is offered on a first come, first served basis
Categories: News, OpportunitiesPublished On: 05/03/2021

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