‘a pop-up studio to get you through’

BDN are transforming part of their office into a pop-up dance studio to help you get out of your living rooms and into a space where you can dance, train, move and groove.

Many major studios in the city are currently unable to open. Studio spaces that can open have heavy restrictions on usage due to social distancing guidance, which means that the options are limited for any dancers needing space right now. BDN recognise that having the option to hire a space to dance, plan classes, train or flex your creative muscles is important for maintaining your practice, your body and your mental health. As a temporary solution to this, BDN have got together with Dance Hub Birmingham to create a brand new temporary dance studio for the use of dance artists in the region. 

We will be installing Dance Hub Birmingham’s sprung Harlequin floor in our office and can offer the space to local dance artists from 25th August 2020. 

What You Need To Know:

  • This is for local professional dance artists
  • The space is offered for free
  • Space will be offered to one person/household or ‘bubble’ for a day-long booking. Currently no guests are allowed in the space with the booked user. However, this may change depending on government guidance and in response to how the space is being used
  • Entry time will be 10am – 4pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Artists booking space will need to sign an agreement document before entering the space. This will detail the measures put in place and contain guidance for you to consider
  • At least one member of the BDN team will be in the office during bookings, to allow access for users
  • BDN will thoroughly clean the space before and after each booking, and users will be provided with cleaning materials to use through the day
  • A health and safety risk assessment has been produced to ensure that the use of the space is in line with current government guidelines
  • All social distancing measures in place must be observed by studio users and the BDN team
  • Users are encouraged NOT to use public transport to access the space. Please consider whether you are comfortable/able to visit Birmingham city centre before making your booking
  • The space is accessible to wheelchair users
  • This space is pop up and so comes with some interesting features! Windows do not open, and although there is a fan, ventilation is limited. Temporary screens will divide the office and studio space. This means that if someone from BDN is using the office, you may not feel alone. 

How To Book:

  • Email BDN at with your name and requested date(s). Studio space is offered for a full day, and you can only book a maximum of 1 day a week. Depending on demand for the space this may change. This is to ensure that we can offer the limited slots to as many people as possible. You do not need to use the full day but please specify times for when you intend to be in the studio so that someone from BDN can be there to let you in/out
  • You can book up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Space is offered on a first come, first served basis
  • Space not taken up may be advertised on BDN’s social media pages the day before and offered on a first come, first served basis