West Midlands dancers, makers and choreographers are invited to submit proposals for ChoreoMatch!

ChoreoMatch is back. And it’s bigger and better than ever.

ChoreoMatch gives dancers and choreographers the chance to play, experiment with an untested idea, and meet new collaborators in the West Midlands. ChoreoMatch is a Birmingham Dance Network initiative, supported by DanceXchange, Sense TouchBase Pears and Fierce Festival.

For 2020, we will match three choreographers each with up to three dancers, to research a new idea. The dancers and choreographers may never have met before they begin working in the studio together. The format will be as follows:

  • BDN will match three choreographers each with a group of up to three dancers, subject to an application process. All artists will be paid for their time.
  • The three ChoreoMatch commissions will take place over seven days, at three different spaces – DanceXchange, Sense TouchBase Pears and Albert House.
  • There will not be a performance outcome at Introducing… as there has been in the past. This is to allow artists to truly experiment, with no pressure to create a finished result. Artists may choose to have a studio sharing and will be encouraged to find suitable ways to end their processes.
  • We welcome applications from D/deaf and disabled artists as choreographers and as dancers.
  • We welcome applications exploring digital and sited dance.

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced artist who wants to try something new, this is the commission for you. We are interested in applications from people at all stages of their careers.

The choreographer will bring the idea they want to research and will be responsible for leading the process. The dancers’ role will be to dive into the choreographer’s process, assist them in their research, challenge them where necessary and work together to bring their ideas to life. BDN will bring the team together from the applications they receive. The dancers and choreographers may never have met before.

We are looking for bold, brave, open-minded dancers and choreographers who are prepared to take risks. The team will be stepping into the unknown and putting their faith in the process by working on a completely new concept with a completely new group of artists.

It’s risky. It’s unpredictable. It’s an opportunity to try out that idea that keeps you awake at night. It could be the start of something beautiful – it could be a perfect match…

Each team of choreographer and dancers will receive mentoring from a Birmingham Dance Network Director and administrative support from our Project Manager. 

Seven days between 23rd March and 9th April. Exact dates will be confirmed with successful candidates. Please let us know your availability when you apply.

To include:

  1. One day for introduction to project, ethics and wellbeing.
  2. Five days’ research and development in allocated venue. This may be able to be tailored to individual artists’ scheduling needs.
  3. One day for studio sharing/evaluation/project end. This may be able to be tailored to individual scheduling needs.

The artists will be based at the following venues:

  1. DanceXchange, Thorp Street, Birmingham B5 4TB
  2. TouchBase Pears, 750 Bristol Road, Birmingham B29 6NA
  3. Albert House, 12–26 Albert Street, Birmingham B4 7UD

For each ChoreoMatch dancer = 7 days @ £125/day = £875.
For each ChoreoMatch choreographer = 7 days @ £125/day + £350 planning and preparation time = £1225.
There is also a small expenses allowance for each company.

Please note:
We are actively interested in and will prioritise D/deaf and disabled artists, artists interested in working in unconventional spaces and/or digital R&D. Dancers and choreographers based in the West Midlands will be prioritised for this commission; however, we are open to and welcome submissions from artists based outside the region. If your application is strong enough we may not be able to refuse it.

Click here to view the ChoreoMatch Information Pack
Click here to download the ChoreoMatch Dancer Application
Click here to download the ChoreoMatch Choreographer Application

Deadline for submission  is 7th February 2020, 9:00am

© Photo Credit: Anastasia Jobson
Introducing… 2019 at TouchBase Pears

‘Yggdrasil’ by Oliver Robert Russell
*ChoreoMatch Commision

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