What You Need to Know is a programme of 7 FREE workshops designed to help you gain the skills needed to establish yourself as a freelance dance artist.

Advocacy and Activism

This workshop, led by Karen Wood and Genevive Say introduces dance artists to ways in which they can work collectively, co-operatively and express individual acts of resistance in their pieces.

Understanding Your Tax Return

This workshop, led by Choreographer & Arts Consultant Cathy Waller, helps freelancers working in the Arts and Culture sector better understand their finances, self-employment & Tax. This event took place at STEAMhouse

Inclusivity In The Studio

Led by experienced practitioners Rebecca Randall, Resident Artist at Sense Arts and Maiya Leeke. In partnership with Sense Arts, this workshop will explore access considerations for dancers, choreographers and dance teachers practising in a studio context.

Funding Applications

During this workshop, led by Ashleigh Bowmott from The Uncultured. This workshop explores the best strategies and tips for writing a funding application.

Ethical Practice for Choreographers

This workshop led by BDN Facilitators Karen Wood and Rosa Cisneros, will be looking at the role of choreographers and Ethical Practice in the dance industry.

Contracts- Get a Grip!

Led by Ian Bayes and Lottie Stables from Equity, as we navigate contracts and negotiations!

Making A Showreel

This workshop is led by dance artist Daniel Lukehurst. It looks at approaches to creating a dancer’s showreel, learning basic editing skills and receiving tips from renowned choreographers on what they want to see.

Working With Producers

Led by producer Mark Mallabone, this workshop explores the differing roles of a producer, and how to engage, collaborate and work effectively so that you can get the most out of the working relationship.

If you are interested in delivering Workshops with your organisation get in touch via our contact page.

-Workshops are led by experienced local artists and industry specialists.
-The programme provides dance artists the chance to learn from the best in the business and navigate subjects outside of the typical studio setting.
-The programme aims to put dance artists in the best position to fulfil their potential as creatives.